Traffic Matters

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In regional areas a driver's licence is essential, in most cases it equates to a person's livelihood. Yet, the law in this area is exceedingly complex and often confusing. In drink driving matters, we aim to ensure that any fines and demerit points are kept to a minimum and loss of licence is avoided where possible. Whether it be a special range, low range, medium range or high range drink driving offence, you are well advised to seek competent and professional legal advice before attending court.

Randall Legal provides a wide range of representation in traffic matters including:

  • Drink driving, Prescibed Content of Alcohol (PCA) & Driving Under the Influence (DUI) offences
  • Traffic Offender Program referrals
  • Speeding
  • Camera, radar & lidar detected offences
  • Negligent driving & Dangerous Driving Offences
  • Truck and heavy vehicle offences
  • Licence & suspension appeals
  • Advice regarding Good Behaviour Licences
  • Removal of Driver Disqualification Periods