Apprehended Violence Orders

Pillars — Randall Legal in Lismore, NSW
At Randall Legal we act on a regular basis for both applicant (PINOP's) and defendants in both private and police AVOs. We recognise that the making of an AVO can have profound effects on a person, including creating barriers to working with children, obtaining or maintaining a gun licence and a security licence.

AVOs are determined in the Local Court jurisdiction and involve the giving of evidence by both the party to the application, and often the defendant. If an AVO is contested, then the applicant must establish on the balance of probabilities, that they hold fear and in fact fear the person against whom they are seeking the AVO. The local court will determine this question at a "Show Cause" hearing.

In line with Local Court directions, the court will make mandatory orders for the filing and service of material to support an application, and also to defend an application. We are adept and experienced at compiling and lodging statements and evidence with the court, and in calling evidence from these witnesses in the Local Court jurisdiction.

If you have had an AVO application served against you, or you think that you need an AVO for your protection, call one of our solicitors for advice and we will guide you through the process, the likely outcomes and ramifications.