Legal Aid

Court chairs — Randall Legal in Lismore, NSW
All solicitors at Randall Legal appear in matters that are legally aided. The Legal Aid Commission of NSW provides government funded legal services in areas including criminal law, mental health, civil matters, Guardianship Tribunal matters, coronial hearings and inquests.

We are happy to help you complete a Legal Aid NSW application if you believe you are eligiblefor Legal Aid, or you can do so yourself on their website at Legal Aid NSW and follow the links, ensuring that you note that your preferred solicitor is Randall Legal, Lismore. Legal Aid is available for approved applicants on drug charges in Byron Bay or surrounding Northern Rivers areas, as well as DUI cases.

Whether your matter is assigned to Randall Legal is a decision taken by the Legal Aid Commission based on their own assignment protocols. Once Legal Aid NSW have made a decision about whether they will assign the matter to our firm, they will send a letter advising you. We will also be advised and will contact you at that time to arrange your representation.

Legal Aid NSW usually require people to pay a small contribution fee to the cost of their representation. If a contribution fee is imposed, Legal Aid NSW requires you to pay this sum to our firm so that we may appear on your behalf. This is a mandatory requirement of our representation of you.