Family & Children's Law

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When married or defacto couples separate there can be wide-reaching implications. Arrangements need to be made about the future living arrangements for any children and for separation of the couples' property and financial affairs. This can be an emotional and stressful time for everyone involved.

When separated couples can't agree about children's or property matters, they can attend mediation to try to negotiate a resolution. There are many different options for mediation depending upon the circumstances, needs and issues of the parties concerned, ranging from less formal models in which parties can discuss a range of post-separation issues, to mediation involving solicitors and trained family law mediators with the specific aim of reaching formal agreements.

If mediation does not resolve a disagreement between separating couples, or in cases in which mediation is not appropriate, it may be necessary for the parties to go before the Family Law Court to seek court orders. There is significant advantage to having a specialist family solicitor assist them to prepare and advocate their case in court.

Our family law solicitors can give advice and assist parties with all aspects of family law including:

  • Informal parenting agreements, called "Parenting Plans"
  • Engage in negotiations, private mediation & preparation of "Consent Orders" about children & financial matters
  • Advice & assistance in Legal Aid NSW family dispute resolution conferences about children and, in limited cases, about financial matters
  • Advice & assistance in relation to child support matters
  • Advice & representation in relation to all aspects of court proceedings concerning children, including urgent location & recovery matters, relocation and cases which raise concerns for the welfare of children & cases where an Independent Children's Lawyer is appointed
  • Advice & representation in relation to all aspects of court proceedings concerning property, including spousal maintenance; and
  • Advice & representation in relation to breaches of existing court orders (including consent orders).