Guardianship & Mental Health Matters

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The circumstance of a relative or friend becoming incapacitated in terms of their decision making capacity or mentally ill can be daunting for most people and can lead to a hearing before the NSW Guardianship Tribunal or the Mental Health Review Tribunal.

The NSW Guardianship Tribunal has powers to make orders to assist in the decision making for adults with disabilities who lack the capacity to make certain decisions themselves. The Guardianship Tribunal can appoint guardians and financial managers, make orders in relation to consents to medical and dental treatment as well as a wide range of other orders designed to promote the welfare of adults with disabilities.

The Mental Health Review Tribunal has a wide range of powers to make decisions regarding the care and treatment of mentally ill persons in NSW.

Our team of solicitors at Randall Legal have wide ranging experience in appearing before both Tribunals and can provide advice and representation to help you navigate what at times can be a very stressful process.

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