Coronial Inquests

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Randall Legal provides legal advice, assistance and representation in Coroner's Court matters.

The NSW Coroner is responsible for investigating certain types of death, suspected deaths, as well as fires and explosions, to find out what happened. In some cases, the coroner will decide to hold an inquest. An inquest is a court hearing where the coroner considers evidence to determine the identity of the deceased and the date, place, manner and cause of death. At this hearing, the coroner may call witnesses to give evidence of their knowledge of the circumstances of the death.

If you have a legitimate interest in a Coronial Investigation, you can register that interest with the NSW Coroner's Court. The NSW Coroner may then identify you as an "interested person" under the Coroners Act 1980. An "interested person" does not have the right to participate in any inquest or be legally represented in the proceedings. Leave must be granted by the coroner to an "interested person" to then have the right to ask witnesses questions and to make submissions to the coroner before they make their findings. An application for leave may be made at the start of any inquest.

Randall Legal have extensive experience as advocates in Coronial Inquests. We have appeared in a number of very high profile Coronial Inquests that have had national significance and have impacted at a political level in shaping government policy.

We recognise the distressing nature of the proceedings for family members and we are experienced in appearing for family members in a compassionate and supportive manner.

We also have extensive experience appearing for persons of interest and persons who may face criminal charges as a result of the death. Our solicitors work hard to ensure that a person of interest is fully protected in any hearing and advised on their legal rights before giving evidence before the inquest.