Criminal Defence Work

At Randall Legal, one of our specialties is criminal defence work.

Our solicitors are highly experienced court-based advocates and are held in high regard by their peers, with a significant amount of our referrals coming through members of the legal profession based both in the region and in Sydney.

Our team of solicitors are available to provide representation in the following areas:

  • Bail applications, including supreme court bail applications
  • Not guilty local court defended hearings
  • Guilty pleas in the local court
  • Committal proceedings
  • District court sentences
  • District court appeals
  • Judge alone district court trials as Solicitor Advocate
  • Instructing counsel in complex jury trials in the district & supreme courts

Tracey Randall is recognised by the NSW Law Society as an Accredited Specialist in the area of criminal law, a qualification achieved by only a small number of solicitors in the Northern Rivers region.

Our solicitors regularly appear in the most complex of matters throughout the criminal jurisdictions of the Supreme Court of NSW, the district court, local court and children's courts, for matters including murder, drug charges, serious sexual assaults and driving matters where a death results (including DUI).

However, we recognise that being charged with any criminal offence, no matter how trivial, is extremely stressful and navigating the court process can be extremely difficult without high quality legal representation and professional advice. At Randall Legal, we approach even the least serious of criminal charges with the same attention to detail that we apply to our most serious matters. You can be assured that at Randall Legal our experience shows results.

Traffic Matters

In regional areas a driver's licence is essential, in most cases it equates to a person's livelihood. Yet, the law in this area is exceedingly complex and often confusing. In drink driving matters, we aim to ensure that any fines and demerit points are kept to a minimum and loss of licence is avoided where possible. Whether it be a special range, low range, medium range or high range drink driving offence, you are well advised to seek competent and professional legal advice before attending court.

Randall Legal provides a wide range of representation in traffic matters including:

  • Drink driving, Prescibed Content of Alcohol (PCA) & Driving Under the Influence (DUI) offences
  • Traffic Offender Program referrals
  • Speeding
  • Camera, radar & lidar detected offences
  • Negligent driving & Dangerous Driving Offences
  • Truck and heavy vehicle offences
  • Licence & suspension appeals
  • Advice regarding Good Behaviour Licences
  • Removal of Driver Disqualification Periods

Apprehended Violence Orders

At Randall Legal we act on a regular basis for both applicant (PINOP's) and defendants in both private and police AVOs. We recognise that the making of an AVO can have profound effects on a person, including creating barriers to working with children, obtaining or maintaining a gun licence and a security licence.

AVOs are determined in the Local Court jurisdiction and involve the giving of evidence by both the party to the application, and often the defendant. If an AVO is contested, then the applicant must establish on the balance of probabilities, that they hold fear and in fact fear the person against whom they are seeking the AVO. The local court will determine this question at a "Show Cause" hearing.

In line with Local Court directions, the court will make mandatory orders for the filing and service of material to support an application, and also to defend an application. We are adept and experienced at compiling and lodging statements and evidence with the court, and in calling evidence from these witnesses in the Local Court jurisdiction.

If you have had an AVO application served against you, or you think that you need an AVO for your protection, call one of our solicitors for advice and we will guide you through the process, the likely outcomes and ramifications.

Family & Children's Law

When married or defacto couples separate there can be wide-reaching implications. Arrangements need to be made about the future living arrangements for any children and for separation of the couples' property and financial affairs. This can be an emotional and stressful time for everyone involved.

When separated couples can't agree about children's or property matters, they can attend mediation to try to negotiate a resolution. There are many different options for mediation depending upon the circumstances, needs and issues of the parties concerned, ranging from less formal models in which parties can discuss a range of post-separation issues, to mediation involving solicitors and trained family law mediators with the specific aim of reaching formal agreements.

If mediation does not resolve a disagreement between separating couples, or in cases in which mediation is not appropriate, it may be necessary for the parties to go before the Family Law Court to seek court orders. There is significant advantage to having a specialist family solicitor assist them to prepare and advocate their case in court.

Our family law solicitors can give advice and assist parties with all aspects of family law including:

  • Informal parenting agreements, called "Parenting Plans"
  • Engage in negotiations, private mediation & preparation of "Consent Orders" about children & financial matters
  • Advice & assistance in Legal Aid NSW family dispute resolution conferences about children and, in limited cases, about financial matters
  • Advice & assistance in relation to child support matters
  • Advice & representation in relation to all aspects of court proceedings concerning children, including urgent location & recovery matters, relocation and cases which raise concerns for the welfare of children & cases where an Independent Children's Lawyer is appointed
  • Advice & representation in relation to all aspects of court proceedings concerning property, including spousal maintenance; and
  • Advice & representation in relation to breaches of existing court orders (including consent orders).

Coronial Inquests

Randall Legal provides legal advice, assistance and representation in Coroner's Court matters.

The NSW Coroner is responsible for investigating certain types of death, suspected deaths, as well as fires and explosions, to find out what happened. In some cases, the coroner will decide to hold an inquest. An inquest is a court hearing where the coroner considers evidence to determine the identity of the deceased and the date, place, manner and cause of death. At this hearing, the coroner may call witnesses to give evidence of their knowledge of the circumstances of the death.

If you have a legitimate interest in a Coronial Investigation, you can register that interest with the NSW Coroner's Court. The NSW Coroner may then identify you as an "interested person" under the Coroners Act 1980. An "interested person" does not have the right to participate in any inquest or be legally represented in the proceedings. Leave must be granted by the coroner to an "interested person" to then have the right to ask witnesses questions and to make submissions to the coroner before they make their findings. An application for leave may be made at the start of any inquest.

Randall Legal have extensive experience as advocates in Coronial Inquests. We have appeared in a number of very high profile Coronial Inquests that have had national significance and have impacted at a political level in shaping government policy.

We recognise the distressing nature of the proceedings for family members and we are experienced in appearing for family members in a compassionate and supportive manner.

We also have extensive experience appearing for persons of interest and persons who may face criminal charges as a result of the death. Our solicitors work hard to ensure that a person of interest is fully protected in any hearing and advised on their legal rights before giving evidence before the inquest.

Employment Law & Industrial Relations

Randall Legal provides legal representation in matters relating to employment law.

We provide advice and representation to employees on all aspects of employment including Award Interpretation, Unfair Contracts, Unfair Dismissal.

We also advise employers regarding processes and procedures on how to lawfully terminate staff, make staff redundant in accordance with the legislation and on matters concerning allegations of unfair dismissal.

Our solicitors regularly appear in the Industrial Relations Commission and are able to provide advice and representation in that jurisdiction. Our lawyers are also able to assist in employment matters that may fall within the Fair Work Australia jurisdiction and assist in navigating that legal process.

We have a reputation for providing successful outcomes, accurate advice and timely action.


Randall Legal understand that buying or selling a property is usually the biggest and most significant financial transaction a person will make in their lifetime. For that reason, it is important to engage a solicitor who can provide you with the most comprehensive form of legal representation in real estate transactions.

In most cases the transaction will run smoothly, but property transactions can become complex very quickly and with far-reaching financial consequences. For that reason, it is important to engage the expertise of a solicitor who can manage those complexities if and when they arise.

Randall Legal provides legal advice on all aspects of buying, selling and leasing property that is cost effective. We service local, interstate and international property transactions, property developers through to first home buyers, refinancing, mortgage transactions and community title or multiple occupancy transactions.

General & Civil Litigation

Randall Legal provides advice and representation in matters of civil litigation.

Our advice can range from small claims in the local court over an outstanding debt to litigation against a NSW government department.

Civil litigation is a broad area of law and covers many areas of day to day life.

It can include a claim against an estate or a claim for compensation to relatives following the death of a family member.

Randall Legal is well known for providing strong representation to all our clients, and therefore we focus our civil litigation on areas where we are best able to assist.

We specialise in actions against the NSW Police and other government departments and have been highly successful in this area of litigation.

Recently, Randall Legal was instrumental in successfully bringing landmark damages claims against the NSW State Government:

Sydney Morning Herald: Family wins $220,000 in settlement against NSW over ambulance delays
BuzzFeed: Aboriginal man awarded $38,000 after being assaulted by Police

We specialise in compensation actions to redress Sexual Abuse, with a particular focus on Institutional Abuse and Stolen Generation matters. These actions seek to redress the significant traumas inflicted on often very vulnerable members of our community and our legal team strives to engage with our clients in a respectful and compassionate way so as to empower our clients and minimise the added trauma that comes with seeking redress and holding perpetrators to account.

Our Firm offers 'no win no fee' arrangements in cases where we believe there is good prospects of success.

If we are unable to help you in your enquiry, we hold a significant referral database, and will be able to refer you to a lawyer who we recommend to be suited to your enquiry.

Wills & Estates

At Randall Legal we are able to assist you with making a will, General or Enduring Power of Attorney, Guardianship Appointment or Advanced Care Directive.

Decisions of this kind are usually one of the most difficult choices you will make during your lifetime, and at Randall Legal, we will assist you through that process in a thoughtful and informed way to make the decisions that provide you with comfort and peace of mind for the future.

We also have solicitors who are able to appear in matters where one party may contest the Will and Last Testament of another person, or wish to seek advice pertaining to any claim that they may have against an estate.

Our solicitors also provide comprehensive representation in the Guardianship Tribunal should you wish to contest a Power of Attorney or Guardianship Order made by someone who you think was incapacitated at the time, or who, having been appointed under such an instrument, has not exercised their duties in a fit and proper way.

Guardianship & Mental Health Matters

The circumstance of a relative or friend becoming incapacitated in terms of their decision making capacity or mentally ill can be daunting for most people and can lead to a hearing before the NSW Guardianship Tribunal or the Mental Health Review Tribunal.

The NSW Guardianship Tribunal has powers to make orders to assist in the decision making for adults with disabilities who lack the capacity to make certain decisions themselves. The Guardianship Tribunal can appoint guardians and financial managers, make orders in relation to consents to medical and dental treatment as well as a wide range of other orders designed to promote the welfare of adults with disabilities.

The Mental Health Review Tribunal has a wide range of powers to make decisions regarding the care and treatment of mentally ill persons in NSW.

Our team of solicitors at Randall Legal have wide ranging experience in appearing before both Tribunals and can provide advice and representation to help you navigate what at times can be a very stressful process.

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